How Masajids benefit using OneMasjid?

OneMasjid is all about making it easy for Masajid to maintain a quality website that conveys the right information to the community, along with helping Masajid easily connect with their communities using quality mobile apps as well, insha'Allah.

Beautiful & Quality Websites

Websites are an essential part of an organization so others can get to know more about the organization. It's vitally more important to Masajid since, not only Muslims, but our non-Muslim friends and neighbors also reach out to those Masjid websites to get to know more about the Masajid.

With OneMasjid, any Masjid can easily launch and maintain a quality website that's rich in information, consistent in structure, secured with SSL, developed with latest-and-greatest technology, and hosted with a high-end hosting provider. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any questions about this, or please Contact OneMasjid Team, insha'Allah.

Easy to use Mobile Apps

With the community on the move and the younger generation using mobile devices for everything we can think of, it's vitally important for Masajid to reach out to them on mobile devices as well.

With OneMasjid, not only Masajid get a quality website, but also free Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android that helps the community be in touch with their Masajid from wherever they are. They get immediate Push Notifications as soon as Masajid have something to inform them, from all the Masajid they "follow", in one easy to use mobile app.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

Masajid are not technical institutions, and in the vast majority of cases Masajid don't have much technical expertise to maintain a quality website in the long run. Typically, if you are using WordPress, Joomla or other generic CMS platforms to run your Masjid website now, first they require a lot of technical know-how to setup a quality website, and second, they all require constant updates and security patches to keep them up-to-date. In the vast majority of cases, the version updates were not well maintained, and security patches were not kept up-to-date, and that leads to a website that's sub-par in terms of quality and vulnerable for any spammers to spam the website.

With OneMasjid, Masajid can focus only on the content and leave the technical know-hows on how to run a quality website to the OneMasjid team, Alhamdulillah.

Additional Income to the Masjid

Local businesses, Muslim and non-Muslim, crave for to get their words out to the community. They'll be willing to donate to the Masjid while spreading their word out; it certainly is a win-win for them. It doesn't have to be just Muslim businesses (of course, they get preference naturally!) but non-Muslim businesses, like for example, kids education franchises etc., can also advertise on the website and that can generate additional income to the Masjid, to be spent on a good cause.

With OneMasjid, Masajid can help local businesses advertise on their websites easily and can easily generate additional income to the Masjid.

Email & Mobile Push Notifications

Typically, your current Masjid Website Administrators post content to the website and then copy/paste a long list of emails to send that information to the community. With so many email address on the sender list, it's quite possible only a percent of those emails are reaching to the user's email Inbox. A decent percent of those emails may end up on their Spam folders if there are keywords that could flag them as Spam. And there's a completely missing piece of mobile notifications, the one that everyone is aware of these days given the heavy usage of mobile phones.

With OneMasjid, as soon as you make an annoucement, post an event, post a volunteer request or Dua request, or when Salah times change at the Masjid, email notifications go out all the Masjid followers and that's sent throug a paid service whose only job is to make sure all those emails get delivered to the Inboxes. Along with emails, a push notification goes out to all the Masjid followers who downloaded OneMasjid mobile app, insha'Allah.

Event RSVPs

Volunteers at the Masajid spend time and effort to organize useful events to the community but they don't have a good RSVP system in place and so they take a guess in terms of how many people are going to show up for those events. It's a definite hit-and-miss, and many times we end up with disappointment, food wastage etc. and in some cases shortages and complaints.

With OneMasjid, with every event you publish, the community can RSVP for those events with head-counts so you can plan your event arrangements accordingly, insha'Allah.

Volunteer Request Sign-ups

When Masajid need help, we look for volunteers to give a hand. We send out emails and hope for the best, Bi'iznillah. Most of the time the organizers have no clue of how many people are going to show up to help with that volunteer request, or do they have to think about Plan-B?

With OneMasjid, with every volunteer request you publish, the community is fully aware of whether that help would involve physical activity or travel, and can sign-up accordingly for those volunteer requests so the organizers can plan properly, insha'Allah.

And many more benefits when you use OneMasjid platform to power your Masjid's websites and mobile apps, insha'Allah.

In this day and age, a quality website, that's fully functional, is not only a reflection of the Masjid but also a reflection of the community that supports the Masjid. Not only the Islamic community looks for a quality website, but also the community we live amongst seeks out information from a quality website.

If you are convinced that OneMasjid is something you wanted to try for your Masjid's website and mobile app needs, please let us know about your Masjid and we'll be in touch with you soon to help you try out OneMasjid for free for your Masjid, insh'Allah.

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