Let us know about your Masjid

OneMasjid is all about improving the interaction the community has with their Masajid. We are confident that once you try OneMasjid for your Masjid's website and mobile app needs you'll see the true potential of it and how it brings Communities and Masajid together, insha'Allah.

Shukran for your interest to try OneMasjid, it's free to try and you can still keep your current Masjid website if you already have one.

Please fill out as much as details as you can below and we'll try to touchbase with the Masjid contacts to get them to use OneMasjid insha'Allah.

If you represent your Masjid please let us know whom to contact so that we can work with them to try OneMasjid, for their website and mobile app needs, insha'Allah. Please try to enter at least 2 contacts if you can. Shukran.

This step involves some additional processing from our end.

That only means, one of us from our end will reach out to the contacts you've mentioned above and will work with the Masjid Administration to get them to try OneMasjid, insha'Allah.

May Allah reward you for your intention to make your Masjid's website better and to better connect your Masjid with your community, insha'Allah.

Shukran, Jazakum'Allahu Kh'airan!