7 Masajids are already using OneMasjid for their website and mobile app needs, Alhamdulillah!

With an easy to maintain Website and quality Mobile apps,
Masajids can connect with their communities better.

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Islamic Community Center of Lancaster

For the Community

  • Sign-up for a free account at OneMasjid to keep track of all updates from all your Masajids
  • Mobile apps to help you connect with all your Masajids better, from wherever you are
  • Get notified via email and mobile push notifications as soon as Masajids announce

For the Masajids

  • No technical knowledge required
    to maintain a quality Masjid website
  • Beautiful websites and mobile apps to better connect with the community
  • Help local businesses spread their word via website while generating income to the Masjid

Beautiful & Informative Masjid Website
that's easy to maintain, without any technical knowledge,
that looks great on mobile devices as well

Each Masjid will get their own domain name, like, iccl.onemasjid.com.
If you already have a domain name for your current website, you can easily redirect to the
new website from there, like www.sabereenpa.org will take you to sabereenpa.onemasjid.com.

It comes with multiple color choices as well, and different layouts will be supported in the future insha'Allah.

Try OneMasjid for your Masjid, insha'Allah

Very easy to use Administrative website
for Masjid Website Administrators, so they can easily maintain
the Masjid website, without any technical knowledge

With OneMasjid, you can just click on "New Announcement" to make a new announcement to all the Masjid followers.

On the other hand if you have a WordPress or Joomla site now, imagine adding a new post,
enter as much detail in the textbox that's presented, tag it appropriately with "announcements"
and make sure you have the proper settings to email to your email list, and then hit "publish" to make that announcement.
That's way too complicated, and requires some technical knowledge to maintain a quality website.

With OneMasjid, it's very easy for Masajids to maintain their own website without any technical knowledge.
When there's an announcement you make an announcement, when there's an event you publish an event.
It's that simple, as OneMasjid is fully tailored to meet the needs of Masajids to maintain a quality website, insha'Allah.

Try OneMasjid for your Masjid, insha'Allah

OneMasjid iOS & Android mobile app
that makes it easy for the community to be
well connected with their Masajids

It's a free app for the community to download, and get connected with their Masajids, insha'Allah.

Coming soon, insha'Allah

Our mission is to help improve the interaction between Masajids and the Islamic community


By the grace of Allah, we wanted to make it easy for Masajids to maintain a quality online presence while making it easy for the Islamic community to maintain a closer interaction with the Masajids they follow so they can get involved more in their Masjid's activities, insha'Allah.

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